Mr Stripes – New Blanket

It has been a long time but I am finally posting again!

Have you ever been stuck for inspiration? Well I was. I started a lot of projects but then dropped them soon after, not wanting to waste my time or yarn on a project I didn’t like. After all these months I have now designed a pattern that I think I am happy with, although time will tell 🙂

This is a sneak peak …..



OK, not very exciting and not my usual colours, but it is a start. Believe me I have put in so many hours for this very small piece of work! Hours spent looking at Pinterest pins for ideas, sorting out colour options, what stitches to use and then finally how to get the star stitch to join nicely so there are two rows of seam together (more about that another time).

So that is it for now because I have hit a bump in the road that I am sure a lot of you cross from time to time, I have run out of yarn! Before I have really even started. Once “Publish” has been pressed I will be going to Bendigo Woollen Mills to make another purchase, it has been a long time.


Crochet Missy


5 thoughts on “Mr Stripes – New Blanket

  1. Looks like it will be a lovely balnket. I especially like the star stitch rows. I can take ages planning before I start a project but I think it is worth it to have everything just as you want it.

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