Bunny Boy

After trying to make the booties from the Homespun Vintage magazine and making the Victoria Coasters from the same mag, I moved onto the “Bunny Doll” by Kate Skelton.

Her Bunny Dolls are just so sweet and gorgeous that I wanted to give them a go. Take a look at her blog to see examples of her beautiful work.

I chose to do a blue boy rabbit, hence the name “Bunny Boy”. He is not perfect, he doesn’t have pretty eyes, he has a skinny leg and I haven’t got around to putting the fabric on him yet. It could be a long time before I add the fabric so I chose to post a picture of him now.



This is his cute little tail and the fabric I have chosen to use for his ears.


Now a comparison with the original design. Mine does look like an inferior copy but that just means the next one I make should be a lot better!

I obviously made some mistakes but the main ones were making an arm and leg too small which forced me to stretch the yarn too much as I crocheted. This caused the visible stuffing. Also it is close to Christmas so I had to save my penny’s so I didn’t buy any eyes!

Now that I have stated that, I thought it would be a good opportunity to give everyone a glimpse back to one of my very first crochet projects when I was still very much learning (I still am), so that you can see that I have made progress (even if it is only small). Nearly all the crochet I did in the beginning was Amigurumi or crochet toys. That was less then two years ago.

Introducing Frog!


See, I have made progress. Frog is pretty dodgy but he is still one of my favourites. I didn’t use a pattern for him, just made him up as I went along (as you can probably tell. hehehe.)

Since then I have learnt to drop down a hook size for this kind of work and I hope learnt to weave my ends in a little better. I could almost tie him in knots with the thread that is hanging out!


6 thoughts on “Bunny Boy

    • Thank you. I have just noticed that people think that I am upset by the outcome. Don’t pay too much attention to the fact that I point out the flaws in my items. This is just a record for me so I know where to improve next time round. I am very happy with the results.
      Thank you again.

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