Current Crochet Fails!

So I have finally been getting back into crochet, however I am very quickly creating a big pile of UFOs. I don’t want to go and buy new yarn so my projects need to be small and I am trying to find new ideas.

After searching through Pinterest for more inspiration I came upon some pins from a while back. This from Crejjtion and the stunning blanket from Coco Rose Diaries. Both of these are based on the “Something Pretty” pattern by Mille Makes.

I decided that this would be the perfect project to use the bargain cotton yarn that I purchased from the op-shop a while back. I was wrong!

This is how it turned out.


Maybe it would look better once I had enough to create a cushion and edged it the way Mille does, but I am not convinced. I don’t think I like the multi-coloured effect. I might attempt this project with one of my other yarns! This yarn may be destined to sit in storage for a long time.

So after this I moved on. At the local post office I found a nice Inside Crochet Magazine. After purchasing the Homespun Vintage book and being very happy I decided that it is certainly worth giving a magazine a try.


As you can see by the tabs I found a lot of things to try. The first on the list was some baby booties for a friend.


It didn’t work out. It is all bent and twisted so I stopped.

What I have learnt

    • a) I am still a beginner!
    • b) I can’t read patterns!

So I am feeling a bit disheartened at the moment. These are only two examples of the UFOs that I have recently created in the last few weeks.

The only solution I can see is to keep trying things from the magazine. Hopefully if I try enough I will be able to read patterns properly.

9 thoughts on “Current Crochet Fails!

  1. If you are a member of Ravelry there are plenty of people there who can help you over the rough spots. Post here on your blog. I am sure your readers would be glad to offer help. The show doesn’t look bad. But the increases can get confusing .

    • I am a member of Ravelry and hadn’t even thought to get help from there! Thank you for the insightful advice.
      My problem is that I don’t enjoy counting stitches. I just want to create by feel and sight. Not great when you want to create something with a bit more detail.

  2. I know what you mean about not counting stitches. In some fairly plain patterns it doesn’t matter so much but in others, with lots of pattern or shaping like the booties, it does. Don’t give up when it goes wrong though… Have another go… If it still doesn’t work make it work your own way!! I think variegated yarn needs a really plain pattern because the yarn adds the interest and the stitch pattern is a bit lost in the colours. That’s why I picked the Calm Cowl (free pattern on Ravelry) for my variegated yarn.

  3. I have done a lot of crochet over the last two years and I definitely feel I am getting better. Practice make perfect as they say. So keep going. The boottee doesn’t look that bad to me and the motif is fine except that you don’t like the yarn you used. Counting however is important. When I make mistakes, which I do all the time, it is normally because I didn’t count to see I had done the right number of stitches.

    • Thank you. On this occasion I did count, however I think I made a mistake early on which caused everything to be off slightly. That coupled with the fact that I misread some things didn’t help! You are correct though, I do need to make sure that I am always counting the stitches (which I don’t enjoy doing).
      It is a good pattern though and I will come back to it one day.

  4. I think the booties have great potential but you probably need to follow a pattern really carefully for something so intricate. I think even someone with a lot more experience would have difficulty getting the shaping right first time if they were not following a pattern or had not made up many before. I think you are too hard on yourself 😉

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