Square Stitch Crochet Face Washer

After getting back into crochet with the crochet coasters I decided to have a look through Pinterest again. When I did I came across this gorgeous blanket by Jellina-Creations. It is just gorgeous and I haven’t used this stitch before, so thought it would be a good time to try it. The original instructions for this come from the wonderful Hakenenmeer blog. Both of these are Dutch blogs (I think) but they can be translated.

Here is the stitch from the front.


I must have been sleepy when I made this because the next photo shows how I have increased stitches along the way! Oh well, because I have so many crochet cleaning cloths made from test strips, I decided to make this one into a face washer for myself!


Because it was just for me I was also very lazy with the edge. I got bored with weaving in all the ends so just tied them off and did a VERY quick (dodgy) edge over the top of the ends, then cut them. We will see how long this one holds together.

The wrong side turned out like this.


The main thing was that I got to test this stitch with a 4 colour combination and I am happy with the results. I would consider using this for a baby blanket but those tiny fingers would still get caught in them.

It is recorded now so hopefully I will come up with a great project to use this stitch on in the future.

6 thoughts on “Square Stitch Crochet Face Washer

  1. I am making a baby blanket with this stitch and is not perfectly straight on edges. Pretty pattern though is there a trick to keeping it straight on edges

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