Book Inspired Crochet Coasters

At a local discount bookshop I found a gorgeous $5, hard cover crochet/knit book. It is called “Homespun Vintage” by Jane Crowfoot and has inspired me to do a little bit of crochet again.

If you have ready through this blog you would realise that I like crochet coasters. They are quick and easy to make, repetitive so that you can learn the pattern easily, useful, practical and look pretty! With this in mind, the first project I chose to do was a modified version of the “Victoria” coasters.


As you can see they don’t look much like the photo in the book. I only required small coasters so I only did the inner circle of the coaster pattern. Then I wanted to mess around with colour combinations which is why I have the three different patterns.

At this stage my favourite is the one in the top left. What is yours?


This is the first new crochet book I have ever purchased and I mainly did it because I really enjoy the feel of hardbound books! It is turning out to be a very good purchase. I may even start posting more often with other patterns from the book.

7 thoughts on “Book Inspired Crochet Coasters

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