Stripey Blue Baby Blanket

After a short break, I have now made my way back to crocheting. A friend is having a baby boy soon and she seems like the kind of person who would graciously accept a handmade present (I hope) and if not, she can always use it as a fold up change mat!.

This seemed like a good opportunity to get back into crochet and make a baby pram blanket. Now that it is complete I understand how following a tried and tested pattern can improve the final look of a piece!


Having said that, I am happy with the results of my efforts, and I would be very excited if I were to receive a gift like this, however, it does remind me of carpet we had in our house a long time ago!


The inspiration for this blanket was from a few lovely pictures I collected on Pinterest. However, my favourite is this gorgeous blanket by creJJtion on Etsy. I must say, although I wanted to create a baby blanket myself (I don’t like reading patterns), in this instance I should have purchased her pattern. Her edging is a lot neater, the thickness of her stripes and the stitch choice is nice.


Things I need to works on in the future –

      1. Colour choice – Edging might be a bit dark
      2. Learn how to edge neater
      3. Thicker stripes
      4. Tighter starting chain (it flares a little)
      5. Learn how to weave in ends neater. There little tails pop through a little bit.


That is the edge. See how the little tails are sticking out a little and it does put a bit of a ripple through the stripes where I wove them in.

If anyone has any tips on how to do a neater border please let me know.

Once a gain I really do like this blanket even though I can see where it can be improved. It is soft, warm and hard for little baby fingers to get tangled up.

Incase I decide to make a similar blanket again I will list the details here.

Guidlines –
      • 100% 8Ply Cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills
      • 3mm Crochet Hook
      • 110 Stitches across
      • 1 row double, 1 row single pattern. This keeps a uniform look on each side.
      • Edging –
          • Single crochet in pairs all around
          • Single crochet round two
          • Finish with Double crochet in reverse direction.

This is simply for my own future reference, it isn’t meant to be detailed instructions.


23 thoughts on “Stripey Blue Baby Blanket

  1. It’s nice to see you back 🙂
    I think the blanket looks great – edging can be difficult, I wouldn’t worry about it.

  2. This is absolutely lovely! I find it very hard to make baby boy presents, just not as much fun as pink. 😀 Interesting that you used a 3mm hook ~ that must have taken ages, and will give a lovely blanket I think. Well done, and welcome back! x

    • I agree with you that the pinks are a lot of fun to work with and thank you for your lovely words.
      Most of my work uses a 3mm hook. BWM’s cotton yarn feels quite thin and I prefer a close knit kind of look most of the time. I have tested my pencil cases using a 4mm hook, but I am not as happy with the result, so 3mm it is.
      Also, it didn’t take too long. About 2 weeks at a very relaxed pace. If I had worked on it every night I could have finished it in a week.

  3. WOW! it is a very NICE blanket. I love the colours scheme you choose. And I need to ask two things: 1. how did you deal with all those loose ends and knots after changing colours so often? 2. how to edge a double crochet stiches with single crochet arround? I mean how many singles goes into a side of a double to make it look clean and straight? (I made a blanket with double crochet only, and the edging started to wave and bump like there is too much sc arround. I didn’t like that, ghrrr… )

    • Thank you. To answer your questions –
      1. I didn’t knot, just weaved in (not sure if that was a good idea!) and it was a bit of a drag but it went by quick enough watching a movie. Also I couldn’t start the border until they were tucked away :).
      2. I had hoped that no one would notice that :). Yes I discovered that it would flare so on the second row of single I did a sneaky. Not sure how this should be handled normally but I just skipped every third stitch around! It does leave a tiny bump, but you would have to look pretty close to notice and with the dark colour it is hard to see. Then I could just continue the doubles in every stitch. As I have stated before, I am not a perfectionist so this option was fine for me. In the future I will do some more research into edging.

      Thanks Kamila.

      • Well, your sneaky works perfect – I didn’t notice any bumps in yor edging. It was mine I wrote about, and since your looks great I wanted to know th secret. LOVE IT!

  4. What a beautiful blanket! I’m sure your friend will love it. I know whenever someone gives me something that they’ve made themselves, it is so special – I totally agree with you on that one.

    • Thank you. I must say that I am enjoying looking at it and think that she should like it, but maybe not as much as I do 🙂

      By the way, I tried to make a striped ball to go with it following your pattern. Unfortunately I chose one of the huge ones then tried to make is smaller halfway through! It didn’t work. Not because of your pattern (that was great) just me trying to make shortcuts. Oh well. I will try again if the baby doesn’t arrive soon.

    • Thank you slipped stitches. That is very nice. Maybe this will encourage me to get back into crochet again (I lost my mojo).
      Your creations are lovely, especially the flowery blanket. Congratulations on your recovery.

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    • I was thinking about this exact thing the other day. Since I don’t have it anymore I’m not completely sure of how big I made it. From the photos and my memory it was approximately 1m wide and 1 and a half meters tall.
      I am meeting up with the recipient soon and thought I might ask for some feedback about size. I think it may have needed to be wider. Maybe 160-200 stitches. But maybe that would be too wide for the pram?

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