Out and about with Crochet

So I haven’t posted in two months! There hasn’t been anything of real interest to post. I have been working on little bits and pieces but nothing new and I just can’t quite find a project to work on.

The problem may be my yarn. I have enough cotton yarn to go around but no good colours in wool, which is what I feel like working with at the moment. Unfortunately I don’t feel like forking out any money for new supplies unless I have a big project to work on.

However, although I haven’t been making anything of interest I have been using some of the things I make for myself. This is a photo of my book bag and zig zag purse out and about at a friends house.


My candy stripe book bag has somehow made it into my everyday bag (if I am in a hurry when I leave home) and the zig zag purse has been used so much it needs a good wash.

So although I’m not making much, the old stuff is getting a good workout.

Hopefully I will have made something new in another two months so that I will have something more interesting to post!


5 thoughts on “Out and about with Crochet

  1. It’s lovely to see you ~ I was just thinking the other day that you haven’t posted in a while. Somehow I don’t remember seeing your book bag before. I think it’s just gorgeous! If I had one of those, I reckon I’d use it for my every-day bag as well. 😀

    • Thank you.

      I was thinking the same about you a few days ago, so checked out your site and realised you had posted but it was knitting! That is why I didn’t notice the post the first time. I was really really impressed with your capelet. I can’t believe that is one of the first things you have knitted. Crazy! Your hats are very lovely as well, something that I have never successfully done is a beanie.

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