Test Strips to Cleaning Cloths

Since completing the Granny Wheel Square Blanket, I have only been doing little bits of crochet. I am still trying to come up with my next major project. Some of the things I have been doing though is testing out new stitches. It seemed like a good time to start learning more techniques and trying to improve.

One of the stitches I have been practicing is the Crochet Star Stitch. I first noticed this stitch on these gorgeous cup cozy’s by Design By Dalkaer. Such a gorgeous blog and such wonderful cozy’s.

The blog does include instructions, however, there appears to be a few variations on this stitch. I used a combination of instructions because I found one of the stitches a pain to do. I am still happy with the result.


As I do with most of my test strips, I turned them into something useful. In this case Cleaning cloths.


I am now getting quite a collection of cloths. Most of them un-edged and wonky but very functional. It has been a long time since I have purchased a dispossible cloth from the supermarket because now I can wash and reuse. Hopefully no cross contamination as well because every cloth has its own use. Windows, dusting, floors, cupboards, sink. The list goes on as does the cleaning!


17 thoughts on “Test Strips to Cleaning Cloths

  1. Haha! I love somebody who will have a good conversation about cleaning cloths and cross-contamination. Just my thing 😀 I love this star stitch. I’ve not used it before. You’re making me feel a little lazy, I’ve never bothered to try new stitches. I think I better get out of my comfort zone!

    • I was getting a little bored just using single crochet all the time, so I just did it just to give my brain a little treat. As for the cross contamination, it would be good if I used them as much as I should, my house is feeling a little neglected at the moment. Maybe less crochet more cleaning!

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  3. I absolutely love this stitch! I’ve never actually made anything for myself, and one day I found some yarn that I loved so much it was too hard to pass up (this happens to every crocheter right?) 😉 I have been looking for almost a year for the pattern that I want to use and when i saw this I gasped out loud and immediately fell in love!!! I am not talented enough to figure out how you modified it to look so much better than any other variation I’ve seen. Do you have a pattern written for this stitch or a tutorial somewhere? I would LOVE, actually at this point I could say I NEED this to be the stitch I use for my first ME thing!!! I have been looking so long that I might just go crazy if I have to start searching again!!! 😛 Your creations are absolutely amazing! I hope that I am able to know how to modify and make things that you just think of and do so that you don’t need to search for a pattern for everything!! Thank you!!!

    • What a wonderful comment! Thank you.
      I haven’t been crocheting much recently but one of the last items I started was a blanket that incorporated the star stitch, Mr Stripes.

      I will try to get back into posting and put up a tutorial on how I do it, but this could take some time because I need to fiddle around and remember every time I use it. You sounded like you wanted something ASAP so I did a little search on Pinterest and the closest I came up with (with instructions) is this one http://www.eilentein.com/2012/01/viidensadanyhdeksankymmenenviiden.html
      It isn’t exactly the same but very similar.

      Hopefully that will help you out until I make some time to blog again.


      • Thank you so much for responding and searching out that pattern for me! I will use that to practice 😉 I am excited because I got my yarn and it’s gorgeous and soft so I went on a crochet mission tonight! I have a broken wrist right now so I’m stuck just browsing for a few more weeks. I can’t wait to see how everything turns out! Thank you!!

      • A broken wrist! Now that is no fun. When you are back in action and have finished your crochet, it would be great to see a photo.

        All the best and good luck with the healing.


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