A Fantastic Find at the Op-Shop

I was so happy to go to my local op-shop and come home with a great find. A 200 gram ball of multicolour pink pure cotton yarn!


The op-shop often has bags of yarn but it is usually synthetic or in colours that I have no need for, which is why I was so excited with this find.

If you haven’t realised yet, currently I use exclusively 100% cotton yarn and I’m not a big fan of synthetics (or plastic yarn as I refer to it). But each to their own and I do understand why people use the synthetics, especially the super soft ones.

I was especially excited because I had wanted some multicoloured cotton yarn but my current supplier (Bendigo Woollen Mills) doesn’t make any. 

All that said, I have no idea what I will use it for, but for $1 it looks good in my yarn stash.

Another draw back was that once I opened it I noticed it smelled slightly of mothballs and cigarette smoke and was a tiny bit dirty (see photo). However, the smell is now fading and I will just have to make sure I wash any items I make straight away. Once I washed a full ball of yarn which was fine except I couldn’t get the inside to dry and ended up unwinding it! It was no fun winding it all back up again and untangling a million knots.

Another good purchase I found was a bag of cream coloured yarn for $2. It isn’t all matching and only some of it is cotton, but it was still something I thought would come in handy one day (especially if I am running low on yarn money).


Has anyone else out there found any good bargains at their local Op-shop?


12 thoughts on “A Fantastic Find at the Op-Shop

  1. Lovely! Looking forward to seeing what you make… one of your little zip purses or pencil cases would look lovely in different shades of pink I reckon 😀

    • It does seem hard. My ultimate find would be someones hook set, including case, but so far no luck finding one of those. I haven’t even found one crochet hook yet jus LOTS of knitting needles!

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