Crochet Granny Wheel Cushion and Blanket Update

Previously I posted about the Granny Wheel Blanket that I had started. Once christmas had finished I began working on it again and decided that in order to keep interest in the project, I needed to start putting it together (I need to see results to stay motivated).

Once I started comparing the squares I had made, I realised that there were a substantial amount that I made in a hurry, which were a good cm bigger than the others. On contemplation, I decided to make a cushion from these. Lucky for me, I made the perfect amount of them too big, and also had managed to get an even number of colours.

This is the finished cushion that resulted from my tension mistake.


This was a lesson learned for me, I hadn’t given tension much thought before this because I have never made anything where it mattered.

I joined all the squares with with a slip stitch and also edged the cushion in a similar way.

Crochet-Missy-GCC-JoinTo make the squares fit the cushion nicely, I added an extra row of double crochet around the edge of both sides. Then I joined them like all the squares, with a slip stitch row.

The blanket is currently 8 x 4 squares in size. The 8 squares are about the width of a single bed.


Now I need to do this about another 4 times over to make it the size I am after. I imagine this blanket being used on the couch on a cool spring/summer evening. Just a nice light throw to keep you warm when watching TV.


I am very, very happy with how this is coming along. The colours are very sweet, but that is what I was going for. Nice and bright and happy. I think the thing I like most with the cushion and the blanket are the choice of yarn. The cotton yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills is soooo soft! I keep patting the cushion. It wouldn’t be as satisfying to put in all this effort and then not be happy with the yarn choice, so I think I will stick with the cotton for the time being.

For anyone interested, I found the inspiration from a Pinterest photo from kungenomajkis and just used the photos to figure out the pattern. There is also a link to the free pattern she followed. But as previously mentioned, Attic24 may have also created this pattern or one similar. Although she hasn’t written a pattern only showed her photos. Since completing this cushion, I have noticed that Attic24 has finished a blanket using a similar/same pattern. If you are interested check it out here (No pattern).


20 thoughts on “Crochet Granny Wheel Cushion and Blanket Update

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  2. Very pretty. I like your colour choices. I am working on a granny square blanket myself right now for the cottage. I’m also working on making some nice warm crocheted socks.

  3. Your blanket is so pretty Crochet Missy! I love the colours… and I love Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn… keep crocheting away another little square at a time… A large blanket takes much love and effort but is so rewarding to have, especially when you’ve made it yourself!

    • Thank you for the words of encouragement, it helps. I have made this my main project now and am trying not to get distracted but Pinterest temptation. I have just realised how many months I have been slowly working on it. Now it is time to finish it! I need a flagship household piece of crochet so that when friends ask what crochet I make, I have something great to show them.

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