Stripey Pencil Case Presents Finished

I am happy to say that the pencil cases that I was working on for christmas presents, were completed on time. This is the result.


They seemed to like them, although I think no likes them as much as I do 🙂 It is nice looking at useful, pretty things I have made with my hands.

The two flower ones will be used as pencil cases (I assume) so I included some pencils with them.


The blue one will actually be used as an epi pen bag. Peanut allergies are not a fun thing. So for this one I left the inside raw.


The pattern for these (more guidelines then pattern) can be found at a previous post.

No more pencil cases for now, although I do still want to make myself a makeup bag. Currently I have started to work on my granny wheel blanket again and also completed a purse for myself. Posts to come.

Happy new year everyone.

Crochet Missy


13 thoughts on “Stripey Pencil Case Presents Finished

  1. These are too cute!!! I love the pink one and the lining is adorable, too. I’ve just started crocheting, but I’m going to go check out the pattern now. Do you think that a beginner could handle this?

    • You will have no trouble at all. It is very simple and uses only single crochet. I am also a beginner so none of the things I do are very hard.
      You can also make them as big or small as you like with what ever colour combination or height you like.
      If the instructions are confusing let me know and I will clarify. I would be very excited to see someone else make one 🙂

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  5. These are SO CUTE!!! I love them!!!! I am definitely going to give these a go. I’ve never sewed lining or anything into crochet… wonder if that part is tricky?? Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

    • You have a lovely blog! I am really glad you like them so much and look forward to seeing a completed one. The lining isn’t that hard just a little fiddly. There are instructions out there in the wwwild or just give it a go.
      The instructions are pretty basic but it is very easy, however if there is anything that is vague let me know.

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