Stripey Pencil Case – Green Finished

Recently I posted about the pencil cases (includes quick pattern) I was making for christmas, well now I have actually completed one. Yes, I know it is only one, but I do need to have my creative juices turned on before I can work on (or complete) these things.

Crochet-Missy-Pencilcase-Green-PinkNow I know that there are two there, but only the green one is finished. I only had photos of them together :). The pink one still needs to be lined. Like this..


So other than lining it, I have also added a flower with a button center. A little bit of crochet bling if you like.

To make the flower I altered the flower pattern by solgrim. I did the first row of petals, then made a smaller one inside it. Then made my own fabric button to go on the inside which matches the lining of the cases.


If you look closely at the buttons you will notice that they match the fabric lining the cases! I am attempting to make some fabric buttons to go with my crochet. It is lots of fun.


More on the buttons later.

In the last post I had two green cases because I couldn’t decide which colour pattern looked better. Nice Piece of Work gave me her preference, so I went with that and I am very happy with the decision.

Now I am thinking of making one for myself to use as a make-up bag 🙂

UPDATE: These have now been finished. See the completed pencil cases.


9 thoughts on “Stripey Pencil Case – Green Finished

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  2. You are killing me! I still have “pencil case” on my to-do list but at this time of year it just gets pushed further and further down the list 😦
    Yours are so gorgeous, and the flowers are stunning. It sounds like you plan to give them away as xmas presents, in which case the recipients should be over the moon. 🙂

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