Mini Basket Purse – In Candy Stripes

Recently a little friend of mine kindly asked me to make her a crochet present. After asking what colour she wanted (Rainbow) I had a think about what to make. I ended up deciding on a circular purse which I had wanted to create for a while.

This is the result.


I added a handle to the purse so that hopefully it doesn’t get dropped, but it also has the advantage of making it look like a little basket (close to a bag).


I added a small zip to keep all the coins in and didn’t bother lining it as the single crochet stitch is tight enough. Also the pattern of the crochet on the inside is quite pretty.


Maybe I should include some money inside so she knows what to use it for!

Pattern Details

This was made by starting with a magic ring of 8 single crochets and increasing until the desired diameter, then single crocheting to the desired height. In other words it is a very small beanie with a zipper 🙂

    1. Magic Ring
    2. 8 sc into ring and pull tight
    3. Row 2: 2 x sc in every second stitch around
    4. Row 3: 2 x sc in every 3rd stitch around
    5. Row 4: 2 x sc in every 4th stitch around
    6. Row 5: 2 x sc in every 5th stitch around
    7. Row 6: 2 x sc in every 6th stitch around
    8. From this point on I didn’t do any further increases. I did two more rows of blue (without an increase) then changed colours every two rows.
    9. 14 rows high without increasing.
    10. Sew in a small zip and add a handle.


9 thoughts on “Mini Basket Purse – In Candy Stripes

    • Look how slack I am getting, I thought I had replied to your post! Thank you for the wonderful comment. The op-shop has plenty more little blue zips left so I will have a lot more projects to practice with. The only problem is that all the small ones are blue so my projects need to have some blue in them too.

      You are correct about “sweet”, any sweeter and it would be sickly!

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