Happy Cleaning Cloths – (A little bent and twisted)

With christmas coming and lots of presents to give, I toyed with the idea of giving some people some home made dish/cleaning cloths. I had seen some nice photographed ones online and it seemed like a good idea. After making some the reality is quite different, it is a cleaning cloth! Not much fun.

However, now I have some lovely cleaning cloths for myself!

I went looking on Ravelry for a nice (free) pattern but couldn’t find any that grabbed me. I then decided that this was the perfect time to try out the mini zig (or spike stitch) again.

This was the second one I did and it has a Xmas theme, my bench cloth.

Crochet-Missy-Xmas-ClothMuch prettier colours and nicer edges then the first one I did (see below).

This dust cloth is the first one I did.


The major differences between this one and the sample that I made is that I only used two colours instead of the three and I used a larger hook. This was 8ply cotton yarn and a 3mm hook. I didn’t bother edging because it is just a cloth 🙂

The last one I did was more of a sampler. This one is my window cleaning cloth, yellow for sunshine 🙂



Ok, this one looks a little dodge but who cares it is a cleaning cloth! and I am not a perfectionist!

So for this one I got a little bored of doing the zigs and in the bigger stitch they were starting to look like marching crabs to me. Instead I decided to drop all three stitches down. Anyone know what this stitch is called? Also, I used a smaller hook for most of it (2.5mm).

Towards the end I changed to a bigger hook, just because. Also you may notice it appears that the stitch changes in the middle for a few rows (the colours look smaller). I wanted to know how it would look with half the stitch one colour the top half the other. I mixed up the row combinations to see what it would look like also. I reached the conclusion that it was too time consuming and really didn’t make a huge difference.


So that is it. Now I have myself some lovely cloths to keep a smile on my face while I clean the filth from my house. (You may notice that the grey one below is actually dirty now. I have already used it).



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