Crochet Missy’s Stripey Pencil Cases

UPDATE: For a Photo Tutorial on how to make this please see the updated post.

So I haven’t posted for a while, but I have been busy working on crochet xmas presents. When I made the candy stripe book bag, I thought that it would be nice to make a pencil case to go with it. Although I haven’t made a match for the bag I have been making other ones for other peoples christmas presents.

Here is one that I have added a zip to and my favourite so far.

The aim is to also add zips to all of them (like the pink one) and also line them all. The lining fabric is ready but since I am crap at sewing I haven’t been in a rush to do this.

These are all the ones I have made. Note that I haven’t completely finished any yet 🙂

I am still in the process of working out colour combinations. The reason for the two greens is that I can’t find a colour pattern that I am happy with. I think I might stick with the plain green and white (maybe).

The other thing I have done is added the lining to my candy stripe book bag. I will update that post to include the lined photo. The sewing is terrible and very messy but effective!

Now hopefully I can finish these for Christmas.

If anyone wants to know the pattern it is extremely simple and only uses single crochet.

Stripey Pencil Case Information or see the Photo Tutorial

I used Bendigo Woollen Mill 8ply 100% Cotton Yarn

3mm crochet hook (This is thin yarn so if using a thicker yarn maybe go up a hook size)

25cm Zip

  1. ch 50
  2. Then follow the instructions for the Beginner Book Bag (Candy Stripe Book Bag) that I created. Making the stripes as thick or thin as you like in what ever colour pattern you like.
  3. These Pencil Cases are approximately 21 rows high.
  4. Sew in the Zip
  5. Add lining if you want


UPDATE: The green one is now finished, go check out the finished product!

UPDATE: If you check out the finished product in green, you will see that I have added a flower with a button. To make the flower I altered the flower pattern by solgrim. I did the first row of petals, then made a smaller one inside it. Then made my own fabric button to go on the inside which matches the lining of the cases.

UPDATE: They are now all finished, see all of them.


25 thoughts on “Crochet Missy’s Stripey Pencil Cases

  1. Have you ever thought to crochet the lining in instead of sewing it? Just use a tiny hook and some embroidery thread or crochet thread (the kind that you use to make doilies with). Fold over the material so that no raw edges show and just sc or sl st the material to the bag.

    I hate sewing so that’s what I would do. Great job, by the way. These are really cute. I made a bag before to hold all my crochet hooks, but I just did a tie instead of a zipper. Yours is a much better idea.

    • I have wanted to crochet edges to fabric for a while now but thought that I needed a special hook or needed to cut holes in the fabric to do it. After reading up about it I realised that I would need to be very accurate with my stitches because it would be obvious otherwise. So I think what I am trying to say is sewing has been easier 🙂 But I agree with you, it would be very nice to do that. Hopefully I will give it a try in the future.

      The reason I use the zippers is because my local op-shop is over flowing with them and they are really cheap 🙂

  2. wow this is great! i love the 2 green combination. i’m making my crochet items too for xmas gifts. and hopefully i can post it soon 🙂 thank you for stopping by at my blog too 🙂

    • Sorry I didn’t reply sooner Xinalicious, my reply must not have gone through properly. I am glad that you like these. Keep an eye out on my blog, I am about to post updated photos of the completed green pencil case. However, I went with the three colour combo 🙂
      I hope you xmas gifts are going well. I will look out for them.

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  5. I’m supposed to crochet a coin purse for a friend of mine, but haven’t yet found a pattern I like to base it off of. Yours is perfect! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing.

    • If you mean a 22cm zip then yes, you can chain less. However, from memory I did have a lot of zip hanging into the pencil case. So you can probably do the same amount of stitches and it would fit fine. Just chain a length that you feel is long enough and follow on from there. The amount of stitches doesn’t matter with this pattern as long as the length is ok for you.
      Also, if you get to the end and the zip is too short, then just stitch in a small amount either end of the opening.

      Hope that helps.

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