Crochet Missy’s First (official) Commission

The Sweet crochet coaster pattern that I purchased from ZoomYummy has proved to be popular and also led to my first (official) commission.

So the story goes, I made one coaster for a friend for a present. She liked it so much that she requested a set to be made for a fundraising event she was holding. The person who received the set (in hot pink and cream) then asked that I make her another set in blue.

This pattern does seem to be very useful. The lady plans to use the coaster sets to make cushion covers, one pink and one blue.

This is the finished product.

I also made her an extra pink one as she needed 7 small rather than the 6 that were made.

Hopefully she will like them, and if she is happy with the price it should cover the cost of a couple of balls of yarn. Even though I will never make enough money on crochet to pay for the hours, it would be good if I could do things like this to at least pay for my yarn habit 🙂


10 thoughts on “Crochet Missy’s First (official) Commission

  1. Your coasters are divine, I’m not surprised you’re getting orders. I agree with you about not actually getting enough money for one’s time (and let’s face it, that’s a choice we make), but at the same time please don’t underestimate what you have made, and you aren’t a charity either, so don’t charge too little!

    • Thank you. This is the first time I have sold anything and I am not doing it as a business (yet :)). It is still just such a compliment that anyone wants to buy my work. Also we didn’t discuss price before I made them so I will keep the price lowish. However, I do agree with you and if I start to get serious about selling I will make my prices a litte more appropriate.
      Also if I start selling I will be hitting you up for advice 🙂

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