Crochet Missy’s Book Bag – Free Beginners Pattern

In between working on my granny wheel square blanket, I decided to start another project (I know I’m not the only one who does this!). This project is a fun and bright book bag/library bag/handbag, what ever you want to call it!

I am very happy with it, but it does still need a little bit of extra detail added before I will be completely satisfied. However, I still wanted to share 🙂

As most experienced crocheters (is that even a word? suggestions needed here. Maybe hookers? doesn’t really have the right ring to it.) would be able to tell, it is really simple to make. For this reason, I decided to make a free crochet pattern for any beginners that pass by this site who are looking for a fun and easy single crochet project.

So here is the pattern I created for this bag. If anyone actually makes one PLEASE link some photos so that I can check them out. It would be great to see some. Also if anyone has any questions please let me know.

Crochet Missy’s Bright and Colourful Book Bag

Hook size 3.0 mm

8 ply yarn. In this case (as usual) I used 100% pure cotton yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills.

Finished size is just a bit bigger then an A4 size of paper. About an inch wider at the sides.

I think I use US crochet terms.

SC – Single Crochet

Ch – Chain

            1. Ch 51
            2. Sc into BACK stitch, 2nd from hook then all the way across (in back stitch). I do this in the back stitch to keep the first row neat.
            3. Ch1 and turn.
            4. Sc into the 1st stitch on the 1st chain. You do this because from now on you will be working in a circle.
            5. Sc all around 2 times. This will mean that you have 3 rows of the one colour (on my bag it is the blue). I do add a couple of extra stitches on each corner just to make this first row.
            6. From that point on all you need to do is join a new colour and do two rows of each.
            7. This bag does 30 x Double rows of colour (Or 30 stripes).

That is all there is for the main part of the bag. Be careful not to add or decrease stitches when changing colours. Do any colour patterns you like.


            1. Ch 70
            2. Ch1 into back of the 2nd stich from the hook
            3. Sc in the back of all the stitches until the end.
            4. Yarn off and *change colour
            5. Ch1and sc until the end, ch 1 then turn. Sc until the end. Yarn off.*
            6. Repeat the steps between ** 2 more times (until you have 2 rows of 4 colours, or four double stripes).
            7. The last thing to do is just to stitch the straps onto the bag.

You could just leave it there but for my bag I did two handles, exactly the same, then stitched them together. I decided to do this to make the strap stronger.

Good luck and please let me know if any of you attempt it.

To improve the bag, I am going to line it. Not only will this add extra support to the bag, but it will also stop things poking through the yarn, like the corners of books (or my car keys when I have been taking it out and about!).

However, my sewing skills are pretty poor and I refuse to rethread the sewing machine, so hand sewing will have to do. Practice makes perfect right?

I will post some pics once it is lined. Maybe just update this post when it is completed. So, to be continued……

Wait, I am a little bored and stir crazy so I feel the need to keep rambling. I have plans to make another one of these when I order my new range of yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills. So, completely different colours and this time with thicker stripes. I am thinking 6 rows thick. Nice big fat stripes!

Also, I will improve my colour changes. For some reason, I didn’t use my usual colour change method (I think I got lazy) and by the time I realized, I figured I should just continue. So don’t look too closely on the side!

UPDATE: I have now added the lining, bad sewing but overall happy with the result.

30 thoughts on “Crochet Missy’s Book Bag – Free Beginners Pattern

    • Lol. Nah, I don’t need an award, this blog provides me with all the warm fuzzy feelings I need. JUST JOKING! Thank you so much. It means a lot, especially coming from you because I think your blog is witty and funny and provides me with crochet inspiration.
      Thank you.

  1. Really cute pattern. I remember when I was just learning to crochet it seemed that everything was for the experts. It’s great when a newbie can come across a pattern they can actually do. Good for you.

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  3. I love this bag! It is the perfect beginner project for me, thank you so much for the idea and the directions. I love your color choices and pattern. I have only made a couple washrags and a scarf before, so wish me luck! :o)

    • I am so glad to here that. That was exactly what I was going for, letting beginners know that they can make larger, useful projects. I made the instructions quick and hopefully straight forward for that reason as well. However, if the instructions are confusing or un-clear, let me know and I will update them.
      Good luck and I am sure that it will turn out wonderfully. It will be great to see the finished product.

      Also, you can also try the pencil cases after the bag if that is your thing. They follow the same principal as the bag.

      All the best and thanks for your feedback.

  4. Just replied to your comment on my blog, and thought I would come say hi. 🙂

    I LOVE the colors in your bag. Wish I could make something like this. This would be a perfect library bag for sure… perfect for spring.

    • Thank you Lil Miss. I have been bad and have been using it as my quick handbag. When I am in a hurry to leave the house I just grab that bag. It is getting a lot of use and still looks great after a wash. The yarn colours I use in all my work at the moment 🙂

  5. Ok…so…I am making this bag but having an issue understanding something. Im not really understanding what you mean by “crocheting around 2 times” Crochet around waht exactly?

    • Great to here that someone is giving this bag a go and happy for the feedback on the instructions.
      So you would have done done your starting chain of about 51, then chained 1 and turned and crocheted back to the starting stitch.
      From this point on you will be working in a circle, you will not be chaining one and turning. Instead, you crochet all the way to the end and then “turn the corner” and keep going back to the start of that row. This way you spiral up and work a circle instead of a line.
      Does that make sense?
      Please ask more questions if I am still confusing you. I might make some photos 🙂

      All the best.

      • Hi I’m also starting on this project, i do not understand “work in a circle”. how do i sc into the starting stitch?

      • It looks like I may need to do a proper pattern at some stage which includes photos. I will try my best to explain with less complication, but please let me know if it still makes no sense.
        So you create a chain of 51 stitches, chain 1 and turn. Then chain in that back of those stitches until the end. This will take you back to your beginning stitch and you should now have a solid length of crochet.
        This is now the point at which you do not chain one and turn anymore. From now on you will just continue to single crochet around the piece of work. Usually you would chain 1 and turn, now you will just put your hook into the starting stitch and continue crocheting around, like a spiral. If you need to add an extra stitch to the corner at this point feel free to do it.
        Hopefully that helped, if not let me know and I will do a photo tutorial.

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  7. What does it mean to crochet into the back stitch at the beginning of instructions, I’m extremely new to this, thanks.

    • Sorry for the slow response.
      Usually I crochet into the two top stitches, in this situation I go behind into the other stitch. I count this as the back stitch. Maybe I should do a proper pattern for this.

      I hope this has helped a little bit.

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  10. What do you mean when you say you added a few extra stitches to the first row? How and why would you do this. I am still a beginner, thanks.

  11. Hi Mally. I have answered your question in the pencil case tutorial so hopefully that has helped. However, I will answer here as well incase anyone else is getting stuck.
    Now that you are working around the starting chain in a rectangular circle. When you come to the ends or the corners that first row around can get a bit tight. By adding a couple of extra stitches to the corners of this first row it just makes the corners a little looser. You do not have to include these stitches!

    If you do want to include them then when you come to the corner (or end of the row) you are not going to turn your work. You are going to keep crocheting around the corner onto the bottom row of crochet. When you get to the corner, take note of the last stitch you crocheted under (into) then put your hook under (or into) the same place.

    If you are still stuck let me know and I will include some photos with this information.
    Good luck. It really is a wonderfully easy pattern once you get going.

    • The starting stitches should be a rectangle, so about 51 stitches long. At that point you start working in a circle. This gives it a flat bottom and straight edges.
      If I have misinterpreted, then maybe it is the size of the hook and yarn.

      This pattern works on the same principle as the pencil case. There is a picture tutorial for it which may help solve your problem with the book bag (click the pingback above or on one of the pencil case photos).

      I hope I have helped to solve your problem.

      All the best.


      • No problem at all. It means that i need to go back and fine tune the instructions. Maybe make the photo tutorial link a bit more obvious.

        Good luck and I look forward to seeing your finished bag.


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