My First Crochet Blanket – Granny Wheel Square Blanket

After quickly dumping my first attempt at a crochet blanket into the UFO pile, I quickly decided on a new one. On Pinterest I went through my crochet blankets album and found this gorgeous blanket from Kungen & Majkis. Because I hate to follow patterns, I decided that this should be easy enough to guess what she did since it is based on a granny circle, and I was correct.

Since starting this blanket I have discovered that this pattern (or one very similar) has also been created by Attic24. She talks about her Granny Wheel Square on her blog and mentions that she will create a free tutorial/instructions. She may have done this already maybe?

I am very happy with how it is going so far. One row complete plus a couple extra of the second row. It is so easy to crochet. No thought really needed. However, I did skip a stitch by mistake in the first row on one of the squares. Then didn’t realise until I got to the last round and couldn’t fit in the last corner! Unstitch and start again.

My BWM yarn stash is still looking pretty good, but I do wonder how far through the blanket I will get before I will need to order some more.

By my calculations it will take ME a few months to finish this (although I have started off well). So my posts for a while may be non existent or boring while I try to complete this.

UPDATE: To see an update of the blanket and a cushion using the Granny Wheel Pattern go to this post.


22 thoughts on “My First Crochet Blanket – Granny Wheel Square Blanket

    • They have come together really fast! It is because they are so easy to do. You don’t have to think too much about the pattern. Just increase one stitch per cluster on each round. Because of that the muscle memory kicks in 🙂

    • The yarn is actually cotton and it is 8 ply. Although it does feel like a thin 8 ply, not as thick as I would expect wool to be. If you have a look at “my new favourite balls” post, you will see where I purchased them. I hope that helps 🙂

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    • Thank you 🙂 A lot of the inspiration came from the photo in the link but I just substituted my cotton colours that I like to use for everything. Now that I have completed more of the squares it is starting to look like I hoped. It still has a long way to go though.

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