Granny Square Blanket Quickly Turns To UFO

I decided that I would make my first blanket, a granny square blanket. The reason I chose a granny is because you can’t really say you can crochet unless you have done a granny blanket!

Also I just wanted something that was easy and I could do while watching TV. I didn’t want to have to be checking back to a pattern all the time.

So I did three test squares to work out what colour combination to go with.

I settled on the third one,

but when I imagined a whole blanket of it, it looked too “wrong”. So, I put it away in my stash of UFO’s and started trawling Pinterest for more inspiration.


5 thoughts on “Granny Square Blanket Quickly Turns To UFO

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  2. Lawl, Granny Squares are like that. Will a jillion of those squares, it would be very bright, for sure, which isn’t everyone’s taste (sadly!). I’m always daunted by changing colours every. single. row!

    • Your probably correct about changing colours all the time. That would make it take a LOT longer. With the colours I was planning to do an additional round of white to join all the squares and have exactly the same colours/pattern in all the squares. Hoping that the white would tone it down. However, I still wasn’t happy with how I thought it might end up. One day I will make one!

      • The white would tone it down, for sure. It’d be bright, but not in a neon way, more like a clean way. 🙂 You could always play around with colours on a paint-type program on your computer, though? To see if the colours would go together on a larger scale, that is.

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