Sweet Crochet Coaster Set

My first commission! Well, I think I will give them away for free, but that still counts?! Maybe 🙂

I mentioned in my “Cute Crochet Frames” post that I was giving away a coaster and a frame as a present. Well, I think she liked them because she asked me to make a set for her to give away at a fundraising event.

So I have made six coasters in off white and bright pink with a larger one for a jug.

Along the way though, I discovered that I have been doing the pattern wrong. The large one in the middle is exactly as ZoomYummy designed them and I made them smaller for my purposes. However, somewhere along the way I stopped looking at the pattern and made the white parts (flower stems) different as well as the outer pink row. I have corrected the petals but I like the white and I am going to keep making them this way.

I am very happy with how they turned out.

This pattern is getting lots of uses with the different changes I have made for each use. The makeup remover pads are different again 🙂

Now I will need to package them up and hand them over then start working out what my next project should be. Any ideas?


12 thoughts on “Sweet Crochet Coaster Set

  1. They’re uber-pretty, pattern-wronged or not! Plus, there’s something about red and white…they just go together so well 🙂

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    • Thank you. I think they are too. And now that I have made so many (and finally done the pattern correctly) I don’t need to refer back to the pattern anymore. Which saves time. I really dislike following a pattern.

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