New Range of Yarn from BWM!!!!

I am so excited. I just checked Bendigo Woollen Mills to see if they had expanded their colour range for their cotton, and they have! I am so excited.

Photo’s of the yarn are from BWM’s website.

Their range has always been great with the more bright “girly” colours (see “My new favourite balls” post) but I was after some neutrals and darker colours. They have now added darker blue, grey and red among others.

The only problem is that I don’t need yarn! Or do I?

I do try to only blog about my projects only, however, I am so excited by my yarn that I couldn’t help sharing.

Time to step away from the computer before I press purchase and spend way too much money on yarn I probably don’t need.

P.S. I am not in any way associated with BWM’s, I am just obsessed with their cotton 🙂


7 thoughts on “New Range of Yarn from BWM!!!!

  1. One always *needs* yarn, especially cotton. There’s nothing much more delightful than a bag full of new bright and soft and delectable cotton yarn. 😀 And gosh do those look amazing!

  2. The last thing I may have needed was another GREAT source of pretty yarns, but I don’t think I can resist all those colorful cottons (uh, oh) 😉

    • They are great and the feel of the cotton is spectacular! However, I still haven’t ordered the new colours yet. I have decided that I should wait until I have used more of the colours I have. So granny circle blanket here I come!

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