Bargain at the Op-Shop

This week I visited my local Op-Shop and found myself a great bargain. Take a look.

A set of about 17 Stitch by Stitch hard back books, for the massive price of $3 for the whole box!

The first chapter of most of the books are step by step instructions on how to do different crochet stitches. I know that I can find all this information online, including video tutorials, but there is something about having it in hard copy that I enjoy. Maybe it is the overwhelming smell of moth balls?

These books were printing in the mid 1980’s, so they are providing me with lots and lots of laughs because of how out of fashion everything is. That just makes me like them more. It shows how far crochet has come.

That said, it has great diagrams and all the principles are the same. It is giving me more things to try in a new and modern way. So keep an eye out for my new take on “Crochet Course 72, Circular ribbed motif”!

This is not the first bargain I have found in the op-shop, recently I stocked up on zips for my test strip purses.

Now it is time to put away the books, the moth ball smell is really giving me a bad headache. Time to air them out, or maybe I will send them back to the op shop in a few weeks once I have done what I need out of them. Then someone else can enjoy this bargain for a while.


6 thoughts on “Bargain at the Op-Shop

    • An Op-Shop is an Opportunity-Shop, maybe also known as a thrift shop. It is where people donate all their unwanted junk. Clothes, furniture, kitchenware, toys and yarn!
      I have always donated but never thought much of buying things. Then one day I realized that I was donating good quality goods and maybe other people do as well. Now I try to look through the junk and find the little gems.
      They are good also because they cut down on the amount of things that would just go to landfill and everything is super cheap. You just have to ignore the smell of moth balls when you walk in 🙂

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