New Stitch Test – Crochet Spike Stitch

Recently I came across a stitch called the Spike Stitch. This is where you do a granny stripe but drop the middle stitch down to the row below.

I had seen images of this stitch with multiple colours but with only a single row of each colour. As I stated in my previous post with the single and double rows of granny stripe, I like to see how the look of stitches can change with different colour patterns.

After doing a very quick Google on “Crochet Spike Stitch” and finding nothing that had two rows of the same colour, I decided it would just be easier to make one.

So this is the result.

I am really happy with the result. My sides need a little more practice but the effect of the two rows of one colour look great (in my opinion!). This may have a proper name but I now refer to this technique as my “mini zigs”, because it kind of looks like mini zig zags from the side. If anyone out there knows if this has another name other than Spike stitch or “mini zigs” then feel free to correct me. Once again, I am a beginner!

Now I need to decide what to make from this sample. My plan was to make another purse, this one lined and with a zip. However, the cotton is so soft and I still have the habit of rubbing it against my face. I now think I should have made it wider, then I would have used it as a face washer.

Hmmm…. I will need to think on it further.

Crochet Missy

UPDATE: If you would like to see this in just two colours check out Crafty Westies blog. She is making a wonderful two stripe baby blanket in this stitch.

UPDATE: This stitch is called Granny Spike Stitch and I got the inspiration from Bunny Mummy’s Site. Go check it out in single row of colour.

18 thoughts on “New Stitch Test – Crochet Spike Stitch

  1. I, like yourself, am not sure of the proper name for the stitch but in a pattern that I had done recently they called it an elongated sc (which I have since found out is a completely different stitch than that one lol) Every designer using different terms for stitches, I tend to call things by my own names 🙂 I like your name for it, it really suits it nicely. I am really liking the double rows of colors, it adds a more solid feel to the project.

    • Good to know that I’m not the only one! It does explain why I had trouble finding any images on google, I must have been searching for the wrong name. I am glad you like the double rows. It will be one of the stitches I use more often.

    • It is nice and super soft as well as no holes which all makes it a great stitch for a baby blanket. I really want to use it for a project but I need to improve my skills to work out how many stitches to start with so that the edges look good.

      • I’ve decided on a mint and yellow stripe blanket seen as i dont know the sex yet. Would you mind if I mention you and this post on my blog when I blog about my blanket? I’d like to be able to give you credit as I’ve not seen this stitch before.

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  4. Hi – I would like to make a purse using this stitch. Do you happen to have the pattern on how to start? I am trying to follow the granny square but am getting a little lost trying to go in a straight line instead of in a square. Thank you!

    • It has been a while since I did this and I have a really bad memory. However, not long ago I decided to write a pattern for this purse, unfortunately it is only half way done. I will give the purse another attempt soon and let you know the result. Sorry I can’t be more help then that at the moment. Search for Granny Spike Stitch and it might come up with something on the web. To be continued….

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