What To Do With Test Squares – Crochet a Purse!

In the process of learning different crochet stitches, I have been making some test strips. I have mainly been doing this to find out what stitches look like with a single or double row of colour. That way I can decide what would look best for my project.

This is one I did for a single and double granny stripe comparison.

However, I really like my yarn and don’t want to waste it, so I needed to come up with a way to use this strip.

I decided to make another purse. Making it up as I went along and adding a zip and elastic strap this time.

Folding it directly in the middle it made one side double rows and one side single. I then stitched it together with cotton thread and a needle and turned it inside out.

This is the double row side completed.

Now for the single rows of Granny stripe.

I went to my local Op-Shop and purchased the zip (they had boxes of them!) and had the elastic already. To sew in the zip, I decided to use needle and yarn, and to stitch it in. Keep in mind that my craft skills are limited to crochet only, so I was making it up as I went.

For the strap, I tied together some elastic (you could use a hair tie) onto the zip, then single crochet around it.

To make the flower, I used the pattern from Andrea’s Originals, but changed to pattern down a stitch. So, the inner circle was single crochet instead of double, and the petals were double instead of triple.

I am pretty happy with the way it turned out, but time will tell how long it holds together!
Crochet Missy


4 thoughts on “What To Do With Test Squares – Crochet a Purse!

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