Crochet Missy Makeup Remover Pads

Previously I posted about the coasters I made with ZoomYummy’s pattern. I got quite addicted to these because they are easy to make and the result is so pretty.

In the process, I used different yarns. One of the yarns I used was Bamboo Cotton, which is very soft and quite thick. As a result, the coasters turned out very thick and nice and small (when I altered the pattern).

I have now stopped using these smaller ones as coaster and now use them as makeup pad removers. This came about, because they were so soft I kept rubbing them against my cheek!

They wash up well, just a little pull to get them back into shape and then they look pretty in the bathroom. I have also thrown them in the dryer a few times with no issues at all.

Crochet Missy

Update: I now know that I made three changes to ZoomYummy’s pattern. So if you do decide to make these with her pattern, I can let you know what changes I made.


8 thoughts on “Crochet Missy Makeup Remover Pads

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    • Thank you! It is well worth buying ZoomYummy’s pattern if you like this style (or maybe you can work it out.). These makeup pads are just a smaller version of her pattern that I altered.

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