Crochet Missy’s Pinterest Picks Of The Week – Homewares

When searching for crochet inspiration online, I have found that Pinterest is my favourite tool. I spend a lot of time adding photos to Take a look and you might find something of interest for you too. It is broken down into categories to make it easier to find things that interest you. Note, there are only crochet photos!

With that in mind I have decided to add some of my favourite photos here. This week I will have a Homewares theme. All these photos and more can also be found at

  1. Handmade Chunky Crochet Rug by dziergalnia on EtsyI love the pattern, colour and size of the rug. Everything about it is nice.
  2. Crochet Covered Lampshades which I believe come from curiosites-en-tissu
    These lampshades are so wonderful. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that my house have very boring plastic shades throughout! I must do something about that now that I have this inspiration.
  3. Flower Explosion Ottoman which I believe comes from fperezajates’s Flickr account
    The effect of these different flowers is amazing. I also like the way they have been stitched together with almost no space between.
  4. Doily Wall Hangings displayed on dessign-milk from Woonwinkle
    I can’t wait to make one of these for my wall, I even have the wall picked out! They will have to wait though, my skill and supplies don’t match this level yet.
  5. Very Colourful Flower Table Runner from Once Upon A Pink MoonThe colours are very vibrant and make me feel happy.

That is all I will post for now, before I put them all up!


7 thoughts on “Crochet Missy’s Pinterest Picks Of The Week – Homewares

  1. The lampshades are awesome, I’ve seen a couple versions and I think they’re such a cool idea for updated crochet. And I love that rug too… inspiration for a new project … hmmmmm 🙂

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