Projects from the Past – Crochet Earwarmer/Headband

As this site is an online journal of my crochet journey, I have decided to post projects from my past. That way I can tell myself that my skills are improving!

In my first post, “My First Crochet Missy Blog”, I mention that I have only been crocheting 6 months and that I have been taught by Youtube. After doing a lot of (bad) crochet flowers, from Youtube tutorials,  I attempted to do these Crochet Earwarmer/Headbands from bobwilson123 – Youtube Tutorials. This was the turning point for me. Once I completed the first one, I felt a real sense of achievement and was happy to know that I could actually create something useful.
This is the result of all my effort.

Now from the back.

The blue one is my first attempt and is also a lot better than the red one. The reason is, I got slack and didn’t follow the pattern all the way through. Not a good idea as a novice.

What have a I learned from this project? I have learned to follow patterns all the way through. To cast off better, I notice the flowers are coming unraveled.

I am very happy with this project, even though they are far from perfect. They actually get used a lot during the winter months and really protect your ears from the winter wind.

Crochet Missy


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