Missy Granny Stripe Purse

While searching through the web for inspiration recently, I came across a small granny stripe purse/wallet for sale, that I really liked. However, I wasn’t able to link to it. So instead I decided to attempt my own version in my colours!
This is the result.

Next time I will make some changes. For the edging colour, I would use the more vibrant hot pink or go without the edging all together and instead, fully line the inside. The reason for the love heart clasp is simply because I forgot to create a button-hole when edging!

Don’t look too closely, my skill at edging is pretty poor. Also, my stitching needs some improvement.

And now from the back 🙂

All in all, I am pretty happy with the result. Hopefully it will give you all some inspiration to create your own. If you do decide to create your own versions, I would love to see the finished product.

Crochet Missy


2 thoughts on “Missy Granny Stripe Purse

  1. Hi Missy,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    You have started a lovely blog and I will look forward to stopping by. I can see already that I am going to love your choice of colors and crochet projects.

    Have a wonderful week!

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