My Favorite Crochet On The Web

Over the 6 months that I have been doing crochet, I have spent hours trawling the web looking at other people’s crochet achievements. There are some that I just keep going back to because they appeal to me so much.

This is my all time favourite crochet ever!

This pattern was created by 7 women in one family, who all worked together to create this masterpiece for their newborn relative. This is everything I believe crochet should be about.

You can read more about this at adiKeren’s Etsy shop. I haven’t purchased the pattern because I don’t have anyone to make it for, also I don’t have 6 other women in my family to assist with the task! If I did, this would be number one.

If you want to check-out more of the crochet that I spend hours gazing out, visit my Pinterest account.


5 thoughts on “My Favorite Crochet On The Web

  1. At times, the “crochet world” is surprisingly small! Who has not (yet) seen the beautiful flowers?! That blanket has been on flickr for years with zillions of comments and people from all over the world begging her to share the pattern. Every now and then I would look at the pictures, trying to figure out those flowers myself. When Adi Keren finally started to sell the pdf-document I had long made my own version of that blanket (Häkelblumen on my blog). Still, I totally agree with you – the story behind is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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