My new favourite balls!

Recently I made my first online order of yarn balls. The yarn I chose was 8 ply pure cotton yarn from the Bendigo Woolen Mills. They come in 200gram balls which are a great size. The colours they have in the cotton are the colours that I love, so I thought it was worth a try.
They were great to order from and delivered within a few days.

When it arrived………

Oh my goodness! I can’t stop playing with my new balls! Squeezing them, snuggling them, looking at them. Yes, I have a problem.

So needless to say I am very happy with them.

I have so many projects lined up to use these with and it is just hard working out which one to do first. So like usual, I have started a few projects at once. My lovely crochet coasters, plus a couple others which I will post about when I get organized.

Time to stop talking about my balls and go play with them!


7 thoughts on “My new favourite balls!

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